Cultivating a thriving Latino Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We are a non-profit organization supporting Latino entrepreneurs by providing tools and guidance to succeed and make an impact.

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Each year, we target Latino entrepreneurs’ needs and find lucrative business opportunities. We then mentor and train these individuals within our community, helping them turn ideas into impactful ventures that benefit their families and communities.

The Problem

  • Idiomatic and cultural barriers in the business environment.
  • Difficulties in accessing financing or initial capital.
  • Lack of experience in business management and development of entrepreneurial skills.
  • Challenges in establishing a strong and relevant industry network.
  • Regulatory and legal obstacles when starting a business.
  • Lack of specific training and education opportunities for Latino entrepreneurs.
  • Lack of visibility and recognition in the market or business community.

The Solutions

  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that every Latino entrepreneur finds a place in our vibrant and collaborative ecosystem , where they can thrive and grow.
  • Emergence of new entrepreneurs and the development of prosperous businesses, committed to both business success and their community.

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Start-up in Community

Turning ideas into successful businesses.

Ascenso Empresarial

Boost your business to its fullest potential

Access to advanced resources and mentoring.

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